Recruiting 3 new members to the Scientific Steering Committee

Call for Nominations

iLEAPS Science Steering Committee – May 2021
What is iLEAPS

iLEAPS is a Global Research Project (GRP) of Future Earth providing understanding of how interacting physical, chemical and biological processes transport and transform energy, water and trace atmospheric constituents through the land-atmosphere interface. iLEAPS acts as a communication hub and coordinator of worldwide scientific research in the field of ecosystem-atmosphere exchanges and the impact of those exchanges on key societal issues. The iLEAPS Science Plan has a focus on the biosphere as a mediator of earth system processes.

iLEAPS is a network to link scientists to key societal challenges related to health, biodiversity, climate, food and fuel security and ultimately the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

iLEAPS promotes scientific excellence through developing international science collaborations that are multi-disciplinary, through bringing together the modelling community with satellite, experimental and field observational experts and through enabling communication and networking across the international science community.

iLEAPS also promotes leadership in science through capacity building in developing countries as well as through their Early Career Scientists network by hosting workshops and virtual initiatives, such as Twitter poster competitions.

iLEAPS Scientific Steering Committee

iLEAPS activities are overseen by an international Scientific Steering Committee (SSC – see here for current membership). The SSC represents a broad spectrum of disciplines and nationalities, and includes scientists at different career stages. The continuing success of iLEAPS relies on the input of these people. Funded by Future Earth, the SSC meets quarterly and in person annually. Scientists who serve on the SSC normally do so for a period of three years, with the potential of renewing for an additional three-year term.

The SSC guides the overall direction of iLEAPS by:

  • Providing scientific guidance to and oversee the development, planning and implementation of iLEAPS
  • Encouraging the promotion and wide awareness of iLEAPS amongst science communities including looking for opportunities to produce iLEAPS publications/papers
  • Encouraging national governments, regional and international funding agencies to support the implementation of iLEAPS and the achievement of its goals by providing adequate support to the necessary national, regional and international research.
  • Encouraging collaboration between iLEAPS and other International Programmes and Agencies concerned with the scientific study and assessment of global change.
  • Engaging with the Early Careers Researchers to enable capacity building and to establish a strong community of researchers across disciplines and institutions globally.

iLEAPS is a global research project within Future Earth and has a scientific partnership with the World Climate Research Programme (WCRP). Applicants should be familiar with the development of these organizations and be able to contribute positively to strengthening iLEAPS' position within this environment.

  • Overall responsibility for the iLEAPS project
  • Developing and promoting iLEAPS' scientific agenda
  • Communicating with the iLEAPS International Project Office
  • Acting as a liaison to iLEAPS workshop organizers and working groups
  • Representing iLEAPS at meetings
  • As opportunities arise, SSC members may also host iLEAPS workshops, participate in common position papers, and coordinate national iLEAPS activities.

Who can apply?

iLEAPS welcomes applications from any highly-motivated early, mid-and senior career scientists to become an iLEAPS SSC member. A panel from the current iLEAPs SSC will consider applications, and the decision will be endorsed at the next SSC meeting.

 As part of the selection process, the SSC is not only looking for scientific excellence and a high level of commitment to iLEAPS goals, but also seeks to achieve a balance across the SSC in expertise, nationalities, gender, and career stage.

Selected candidates are then recommended to Future Earth for final approval.

To apply

Please send the following items by email to Victoria Barlow or Semeena Valiyaveetil Shamsudheen, iLEAPS International Project Office – no later than noon on  Monday 31st May 2021

- Your CV (max. 4 pages)

- A statement outlining your goals and plans for iLEAPS as an SSC member (max. 1 page) this must include the proposal to hold an iLEAPS related activity e.g. a workshop that will capacity build within the iLEAPS ECSN – you will be required to find the funding for such an activity but will receive IPO support in the organisation & publicising of such an event.

- Contact information for two letters of support from scientists within the scientific scope of iLEAPS