How to become involved with iLEAPS

  • To learn more about current projects and how to get involved, please join the iLEAPS mailing list, the iLEAPS Facebook page, subscribe for the newsletter and bulleting and bookmark our news & events feed.
  • We are always looking for short article contributions to the next iLEAPS newsletter. Contributions should be in English (1000-1500 words), written in a style easily accessible to policymakers and the wide public and include up to two illustrations, a photo and short introduction of the author (for illustrations, photo size should be 2.5-5.0 Mb; for background images 5-10 Mb). Please email us. We are also interested in more general science highlights in iLEAPS-related research areas: we welcome your submission and do share the news with us so that we can incorporate it into the next iLEAPS Bulletin or Newsletter.

Interested in serving on the Scientific Steering Committee?

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