iLEAPS Global Interview Series, January 2024 - Dr. Juichi Yamagiwa

Dr. Yamagiwa

Dr. Yamagiwa graduated from the Faculty of Science at Kyoto University, followed by a doctoral program at the Graduate School of Science in the same university.  After working as a visiting researcher at the Karisoke Research Center in the Republic of Rwanda. He also worked as a researcher at the Japan Monkey Center, an assistant at the Primate Research Institute at Kyoto University, an assistant professor and professor at the Graduate School of Science at Kyoto University. He then became the Dean of the Graduate School of Science and the Dean of the Faculty of Science, and was the 26th President of Kyoto University. He is now the director of the Research Institute for Humanity and Nature.  He specialises in Human Evolution and engaged in socio-ecological research on wild Japanese macaques in Yakushima and wild gorillas throughout Africa.  

iLEAPS Global Interview Series, November 2023 - Dr. Pierre Boileau


Dr. Boileau

Dr. Boileau is currently the Head of the Global Environment Outlook programme at the UN Environment Programme.  In this role he is leading his team and over 200 experts to complete the seventh edition of the Global Environment Outlook, or GEO-7.  This more solutions-focused assessment, will build off of the findings of the sixth Global Environment Outlook, published in March, 2019, as well as 6 regional environmental assessments, published in May, 2016, which Pierre also led.  Pierreā€™s team is also increasing its work with GEO collaborating centres and providing supporting services to Member States and other stakeholders in the areas of capacity building, knowledge generation and support for policy making.

iLEAPS Global Interview Series, September 2023 - Dr. Rob MacKenzie

Prof. Rob

iLEAPS Global Interview Series, July2023 - Dr. Stefan Reis

Dr. S Reis

iLEAPS Global Interview Series, May 2023 - Prof. V. K. Sharma

Prof. Sharma