Professional summary

Research Interests

Dr. Odee is a Chief Research Scientist at the Kenya Forestry  Research Institute (KEFRI), Nairobi, Kenya, where he leads the Forest Biotechnology and Ecosystems Group. He is also Visiting  Research Fellow with the Evolution and Environmental Change Group at the NERC  Centre for Ecology and Hydrology (CEH). He began his research career studying nitrogen-fixing systems in dryland acacia woodlands of Africa. He has since broadened his work to tropical forestry and agroforestry systems ranging from genes to ecosystems scale,  focussing on the functions and processes underpinning the ecosystem goods and  services for sustainable development.

He is currently an Associate Editor for Ecosystems Services Journal. Dr. Odee contributes to the iLEAPS Early Career Scientist Workshop programme. He is leading a national initiative to establish Long-Term Socio-Ecological Research (LTSER) platforms in range of ecosystems, which should also enhance regional coverage for long-term  observation points for land-atmosphere interaction studies.

He will mobilise various stakeholders in East Africa to effectively engage in iLEAPS science goals and programmes through awareness creation, advocacy, strengthening links with the global land-atmosphere community, and networking for knowledge exchange and technical capacity building.