Professional summary

Research Interests

Gregor is a biogeochemist and, atmospheric and environmental change scientist with experience in the fields of atmospheric composition monitoring, air quality management, atmospheric emissions inventory development, biogeochemistry, land-vegetation-atmosphere interactions, atmospheric modelling, and climate services and climate change adaption. Currently he is responsible for the development of the Expanded Freshwater and Terrestrial Environmental Observation Network (EFTEON), which is a research infrastructure in the South African Research Infrastructure Roadmap (SARIR) program, that is hosted by SAEON.

The EFTEON is developing as a network of six heavily instrumented and networked research landscape representing important ecological and social system in South Africa. The instrumentation consists of micrometeorological and meteorological observations at each site and continuous hydrological observations with associated repeated measures of biodiversity ecosystem productivity and land use and land cover observations. Previously he was responsible for the management of management of a network of three eddy co-variance flux towers located in savanna ecosystems in South Africa and the management of a network of cavity ring down spectroscopy carbon dioxide and methane instruments and a network of 16 ambient air quality stations, where the concentrations of thirteen atmospheric pollutants and meteorology were continuously monitored.

He has been involved in the development of the National Atmospheric Emissions Inventory System (NAEIS) which is a web-based system for the reporting of industrial, and other, emissions to the atmosphere. He was also involved in the development and testing of the land surface component of the CSIR Earth System Model, based on the Community Atmosphere Biosphere Land Exchange (CABLE) model.