Professional summary

Research Interests

Dr. Qiaoyun Xie (Qiaoyun is pronounced like Ciao-young, Hear name), or Dr. X, is a Lecturer at the School of Engineering, The University of Western Australia. Using satellite and ground data, she tracks ecosystem dynamics, especially plant growth. Her research on ecosystem monitoring focuses on vegetation parameter retrieval; vegetation dynamics; vegetation phenology and shifting seasonality with climate variability; land surface responses and their interactions with climate; and land use activities and major disturbance events.

Currently, her research involves using remote sensing and field measurements to understand the phenology patterns and carbon dynamics of vegetation across Australian landscapes, including vegetation resilience and resistance to droughts. Her research reported ground-breaking evidence of climate change impacts on Australian grassland composition, which is key to informing fire, agriculture, and pollen management to improve human life quality and mitigate health threats. She has also developed Australia’s first nationwide vegetation phenology products at 500m resolution using satellite data to support researchers and management activities. This can take the form of data that informs ecosystem resilience to climate change, bushfire fuel accumulation, crop yields, airborne allergens, native vegetation conditions, and agricultural management.

Incredibly passionate about her work, Dr. X’s ultimate aim is to prepare for biogeography in future climates. Her research provides vital information about changes in plant growth and distribution induced by climate and environmental changes. This information will help humanity adapt in how we rely on plants for critical things like food, fuel, and clean air.