St. Anne's College, Oxford




This workshop will bring together senior and early career scientists to gain insight into the rapidly changing pan-Arctic land surface and boundary layer. The workshop will review current representation of Arctic ecosystem, carbon, water and energy balance processes in the land model component of Earth System Models, including land-atmosphere interactions, and the next steps to address knowledge gaps. The workshop will also focus on developing a pan-Arctic land model assessment that includes a broader range of models, and engage the data community to provide new validation products for the Arctic and sub-Arctic.

The workshop will focus on:

  • Representation of Arctic terrestrial ecosystems in models
  • Role of observations: calibration, validation, assimilation
  • Water, nitrogen, carbon, and energy dynamics
  • Land-atmosphere interactions and feedbacks across spatial and temporal scales
  • Pan-Arctic land model assessment
  • Arctic boundary layer processes
  • Extreme/disturbance events
  • Knowledge gaps

This workshop is being organised by the Canadian Network for Regional Climate and Weather Processes (CNRCWP), the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) and the Next-Generation Ecosystem Experiments-Arctic (NGEE-Arctic).  The workshop is associated with and follows on from the Fifth International iLEAPS Science Conference, which is also being held in Oxford.